5 things you should never wear to the gym


Good for you, if you plan on going to the gym. Either way, we want you to feel healthy and look sexy. While there are a lot of suggestions on what to wear at the gym, we decided to do the opposite, so we’ve put together a list of items that we think you should never use at the gym. Watch!

1. Avoid regattas: legal for some (a small population), not for the rest. Enter a gym and you will see men and women of all shapes and sizes (at least a handful of them) wearing one. Because? The goal is to motivate weight loss and not let this mass loose in the middle. This will demotivate and distract everyone around you.

2. Sweatpants, pockets, harems, palazzos: being cool at the gym is only fun when you’re not exercising. Training pants and palazzos, sturdy accessories and tall makeup are not for the gym. Period of time.

3. Thongs: Why wear rope underwear in the gym? Otherwise, the thong may look sexy, but as you exercise sweat and bacteria, your body can release bacteria and rectal ulcers. You would certainly also be sad afterwards with a literal ‘buttock pain’ situation, so stay away from them while exercising.

4. Digital shoes: your treadmill would say how much you walked or ran, so do you need a pair of shoes? We don’t think so. Please spend the money on health products or better gym clothes!

5. Jewelry: gold and silver decorations, diamonds and platinum should be an absolute no-no for gyms. Stick to the gym with the essentials and focus only on the pumping iron.

Now that you know what not to use in a gym, we wish you luck in your exercise routine. Look pretty and show up quickly!


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