How to use back machines? Important tips!


Inexperience is short-lived. The more you practice, the more you learn and motorcycling is no exception. By accumulating kilometers, you are increasingly given the opportunity to automatically and safely dominate the vehicle, almost as if it were an extension of your body. However, to make life easier for those just starting out, here are 10 important tips and advice:

Honda CG 150 Titan CBS 1 – POSITIONING

At first, nervousness can result in an overly rigid driving position, which doesn’t help with driving at all. Try to take a natural position on the handlebars – that’s a good midway ride.

Motorcycles also require a large amount of physical energy to drive. So, what is the secret of achieving the ideal compromise between the necessary relaxation and the power to act correctly and feel “in charge”? Holding both knees by lightly pressing on the tank and holding the handlebars firmly (but without exaggeration) is ideal for making the bike and rider a unique set.

This concept of integrating man and machine is the best and most perfect rule for properly carrying a motorbike. Whether it’s directional changes, sharp turns or brakes, always remember that you and the bike have to be one, it will make all the difference.

Lightweight motorcycle suit2 – USE THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT

The law requires you to wear a helmet. Common sense tells you to wear gloves, high shoes and a suit – pants and jacket – with protection at the crucial points. But don’t overdo it. If you start riding a small motorcycle, wearing leather overalls like Valentino Rossi’s will only make learning more difficult.

Since the first hundreds of kilometers have to be driven to the handlebars at low speed, the degree of protection of your clothes can be light, for more comfort.

Open “Jet” helmets, without chin protection, are less safe in the event of a fall, but are good for preventing claustrophobia when training at low speed. High boots without soles that are too thick are recommended to better “feel” the gearbox and rear brake controls, and so are gloves, which should not be too thick to avoid the necessary sensitivity in the hands.

Honda CG 150 Titan CBS3 – KNOWS BRAKES

Most motorcycle schools teach that it is the rear brake that controls braking, and the front is just a supporting role. This is a serious mistake. In real life, to really stop, it is the front brake that needs to be used more intensively.

To properly learn the braking secrets, you should look for a quiet street, an empty parking lot or any other place where you can repeat the braking at low speed, alternating the use of the front and rear brakes until you understand how each works. You will quickly notice that the best result is achieved by applying approximately 70% of the braking force to the front, leaving the rear brake only to balance the bike when decelerating. See more information in the G1 Practical Guide.

Tire motorcycle4 – TIRE CARE

Moving motorcycles have only two small contact surfaces with the ground, the tires. That is why it is very important to take good care of it. Bad or worn tires have a brutal effect on road handling. Choosing good brands (prefer the standard equipment with which the engine leaves the factory) and not changing the recommended measures are the rules to follow.

Another mandatory attitude is to respect the manufacturer’s recommendation for the pressure, always remembering that the correct measurement will always be obtained with cold tires, as the natural heating by friction with the pavement changes the measurement.

A pressure lower than the manufacturer’s specified pressure will reduce the reactions of the motorcycle, increase tire and fuel consumption, and in more severe cases may damage the tire covers, compromising safety. Excessive pressure makes the motorcycle very nervous, unstable in overcoming any road surface defects and further reduces the already small contact area with the ground.

Piracicaba’s motorcycle fleet far exceeds the number of places5 – LEARN TO THE PARK

Learning how to park your motorcycle correctly can help you avoid problems and embarrassing scenes. If the floor is flat and regular, with no steps or imperfections, there is little secret. Whether side support or central support, the success of the operation is almost always guaranteed. However, the world is not always flat and the hole in the parking lot does not always have a perfect floor.

Rule number zero is never to park your motorcycle on a steep road with the front wheel on the curb, because if you have to get off, it can push backwards


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