Shape your body: Use the Booty Step N Sculpt


What is Body Sculpt?

Body = body. Sculpt = sculpt. During a full-body sculpture class, you build almost everything.

Body Sculpt consists, like Body Pump, of a 45-minute to one-hour group class that targets all muscles in the body. Thus, it allows you to build your back, as well as your biceps, triceps, thighs, glutes, abdominal belt, and more.

A Body Sculpt course often includes elastic-type gym accessories, a bell, weights, or other (soft) instruments of torture. This sport is also inspired by the step, because many exercises are performed with one step.

Finally, since it is a music course practiced with relatively light weights, Body Sculpt is also an excellent cardiovascular exercise, allowing you to burn calories efficiently.

Result: We recommend Body Sculpt for weight loss, as well as for building muscle and strengthening.

Body Sculpt: bicep squats to build your entire body

Whoever says full and effective exercise says … squat, of course! With it, we cover the abs, sculpt our buttocks worthy of the name and build the back. What is the demand of the people?

Ask for weights, because the arms and shoulders also deserve to be considered.

Mix everything together and this will give you a bicep squat exercise.

How is it done?

Take a 2 to 3 kg dumbbell in each hand, arms stretched across your body.

With your legs apart, hip width apart, lower your buttocks to the floor resting on your heels and keeping your back straight. The weights should not go lower than the middle of the calf.

Lift as you exhale and pull the dumbbells against your chest, just like in a classic bicep exercise.

And so on for 20 trials (alas!).

Side-lift lunges, a full-body sculpture exercise

Like squats, front lunges are a must in fitness, especially for working your gluteal muscles.

This time we add the weights to strengthen the shoulders as a bonus.

How is it done?

Take a weight in each hand.

Standing with your feet next to each other, step forward with your right leg. With the right heel firmly anchored to the ground, the left foot on the toe, bend the right leg 90 degrees to descend to the ground, then rise again.

On the descent, raise your arms to your sides, stopping at shoulder height.

During the ascent, lower the weights to the thigh, making sure to keep your elbows slightly bent.

Do 10 repetitions for each leg.


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