The power of the yoga exercises will help you


What is Power Yoga?
Based on Ashtanga Yoga, power yoga is animated and resembles an aerobic workout. Numerous benefits come with the practice of power yoga daily, some of which have better posture, improved physical strength and better balance. It’s fast and focuses the flow from one pose to the next, instead of focusing on each pose.

Health Benefits of Power Yoga
These are the benefits that power yoga has for your general health:

1. Increases immunity
Your immune system will work better if you practice yoga regularly. This is because it can stimulate the lymphatic system, removing all toxins from your body. Stress hormones are also reduced, and practicing yoga is very encouraging when it comes to being aware of what you are eating. These things combined will help your immune system to become healthier.

2. Improves sleep quality
Your sleep quality will improve because power yoga is more intense than it looks. During the session, your whole body exercises, so almost everything is stimulated, stretched and tired. After a stimulating activity, you will not sleep much better.

3. Build muscle
Although there are no weights involved, power yoga still helps you build muscle, as some poses require you to carry all of your body weight. Many people also choose not to lift weights as heavy as they are.

4. AIDS in hormonal regulation
Hormones are affected by stress and toxins in the body. Both problems can be solved by practicing yoga regularly. Certain yoga poses can even help with the proper stimulation and functioning of the adrenal, pituitary and thyroid glands, resulting in more balanced hormones.

5. Improves the capacity of the lungs
Asthma and other lung problems can be treated with breathing exercises practiced during yoga. While most people are in the habit of breathing shallow and short, yoga focuses on long, deep breaths that carry oxygen to all parts of the body.


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