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Bodybuilders say that anyone can practice this sport as long as they have the discipline to train and eat properly. It all depends on what goals the student wants to achieve. They have bodybuilding as a philosophy of life.

You can practice bodybuilding professionally or simply as a philosophy of life to have a dream body.

However, it is worth remembering that nobody started yet defined. In bodybuilding for beginners it is necessary to have patience, as it will not become overnight Bodybuilding.

The bodies we see in competitions are the result of hard work and well studied, both by the person who practices and by the professionals involved in the evolution of the training of bodybuilders.

The physical education teacher, bodybuilding instructor, must have in-depth knowledge; the doctor and the nutritionist must be from the sports field. In addition, the practitioner himself has to understand what happens to his body and all the influences he experiences both internally and externally.

Many follow a natural path to develop the physique, others use drugs as ergogenic resources. However, if these drugs, which are anabolic steroids, are not prescribed by qualified professionals and in the correct way, they bring undesirable side effects. Therefore, some anabolic steroids have been banned by bodybuilders.

Some synthetic hormones certainly help in the development of muscular bodies. The GH that our body produces, but which is also produced synthetically is widely used. But it has an effect that is palumboismo.

Therefore, there is a need for a lot of information and care to practice bodybuilding.

What is Bodybuilding?

Body = body and building = construction. In other words, bodybuilding, which in Brazil is called bodybuilding is the construction of the body through diet, training consisting of exercises against resistance and rigorous rest. Bulky bodies with balance between all muscle groups form the shape (physical form) of the practitioners’ body. For competitions, male athletes look for a “V” body.

In bodybuilding competitions you can see the result. Bodybuilding is the way to get to these competitions. Bodybuilders are extremely dedicated to this process of building their bodies as a philosophy of life.

Today we already have the practice of natural bodybuilding, without using anabolic steroids, only strict diet and training. Only with this you can reach sculptural bodies. But for major competitions, athletes make use of supplements and even anabolic drugs. In order not to fall for the doping test, which is also more and more rigorous, they seek specialized professional monitoring.

How to start in Bodybuilding?

First, the individual must dedicate himself and understand that he must have discipline to train and eat to reach his goal.

Second, seek a little information about the functioning of your body, your biotype, if you are fit for this practice as well as training methods and the correct way to eat.

Furthermore, you should be interested in hypertrophy, in addition to focusing on building muscle in an organized manner.

Bodybuilding is a complex sport, it involves a lot of physiology, biochemistry, biomechanics showing that our body is one of the most beautiful machines and laboratories that can be studied.

It is not enough to just read articles, watch videos of other athletes giving tips. Because each person reacts differently to the same training and diet. In other words, what is valid for an athlete who has been in this process for some time and preparing for national and international competitions most of the time is not valid for those who are starting.

For that there are professionals specialized in this sport, who contribute significantly to the success in the athletic career of a bodybuilder.


The doctor will guarantee through exams that your health is up to date to start the practice of physical activities. Especially bodybuilders who use steroids or other drugs should be tested every 6 months to assess their health.

In addition, the specialist doctor will also be able to monitor the training by prescribing anabolics to increase muscle mass. Follow-up should be done with caution so that there are no side effects for athletes who seek bodybuilding as a competition. But there is little care in this regard, as there are many who require exams in absurd quantities and prescribe many manipulated.

Personal trainer

The personal trainer must be specialized in this type of training. The experience of this professional will greatly influence his knowledge and prescriptions. Having someone instructing is essential in bodybuilding at any level that the practitioner finds. He will guide the journey in search of the perfect shape, without injuries, without wasting time and in the right way.


The nutritionist will personalize the diet, defining micro and macronutrients with balanced portions according to their biotype. You can also order tests if the athlete has not done so at the request of a doctor or other complementaries. It will indicate specific supplements for muscle mass gain , as each individual has a different metabolism. Diet is a crucial factor in bodybuiding.

After all, there is no use in a hurry, preparing the shape takes time and needs someone to instruct those who are starting. In addition to the professionals mentioned above, the beginner in bodybuilding must have contact with athletes who already participate in competitions, attend gyms they attend and learn from them. And if you want to compete you need to go to competitions, to see how it works, what is charged, who is involved, make friends in the middle, partnerships.

The only thing you shouldn’t do is start bodybuilding with the intention of making money. Before that, you just need to compete, have good contacts and then do your marketing, sell your image. Earning money is a consequence of everything the athlete does, especially if he stands out.

Lifestyle changes

Having a healed body comes at a price. Many people when they see someone with a nice body say: “this is a bomb” or “all this is anabolic”. But while many of these people are drinking, enjoying ballads, eating wrong, the other, with a healthy body, is training, dieting, looking for useful information for his goal.

They may even be using anabolic steroids, but with due professional monitoring. Here we are not talking about amateur athletes, but professionals who are concerned not only with having an enviable physique, but also with health, because there is no point in being in perfect physical shape and falling ill due to the abuse of these drugs, then the effort was worthless.

For many bodybuilders genetics was favorable with great potential for burning fat and gaining muscle mass. For those, even without using anabolic steroids, the results are formidable only with training, diet and rest.


A well-trained workout by serious professionals, who use intelligent methods and training based on science, produce impressive results.

The result for this type of training is long term. Those who expect quick results end up frustrated and resorting, so yes, there are sometimes illegal methods like anabolic drugs without any prescription.

Bodybuilding is the basic form of bodybuilding training. But while it promotes muscle hypertrophy, there is also a need to develop other skills such as cardiorespiratory. This ability is developed through an aerobic workout that adjusted during training will also promote a significant loss of fat mass.

And the main thing, according to the greatest bodybuilding coach Charles Glass, is not only training hard, but training correctly. There has to be an intensity and a training pace.

The exercises chosen will depend on the level the athlete is at. It is interesting to start with compound exercises, being the base of the training, such as squats, deadlifts, shoulders development, bench press, fixed bar, diving, rowing.

The important thing is to focus on gaining muscle. Then exercises and muscle isolation machines can be incorporated into the routine. If you are starting overweight, training should focus on fat loss and then begin hypertrophy training.

Cardiovascular exercises are useful for keeping the fat rate low, but it does have one, though. A good understanding of training is needed to balance these exercises with hypertrophy training because cardiovascular exercises do not diminish the muscles but delay the hypertrophy process.

To build muscle you need to lift just the right amount of weight. This will recruit the right muscle fibers and correctly preventing injuries from occurring. Use progressive resistance.

When you feel that the weight is light in the last repetition, it is important to increase the load so that there is no severe stagnation. But be careful, overtraining can put everything to waste, never perform your workouts without the support of a physical education professional.

The training routine for it to work should be specific to each person. There is no single way to set up a workout, but it will help to keep it consistent.


Diet is a key factor in bodybuilding. Perhaps more important than the training itself. It is through chemical reactions that muscle growth will take place. And for that to happen, nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats are needed in an appropriate way.

It is wrong to think that in this sport you should have only protein intake, even if it is the main source of muscle building. Without the energy of carbohydrates and fats this is not possible.

So the monitoring of a nutritionist is essential. It will help to calculate how many calories are needed per day for muscle anabolism (growth) and will transform through calculations in grams of carbohydrates, proteins and fats per meal.

To get a sense of this type of diet we have that protein intake (helps build muscle quickly) should be around 20 to 35% of calories, which gives around 2.2gr of protein per kilogram of the body.

Carbohydrates (vital for keeping muscle glycogen stored, which gives you energy to train) must be low in glycemic index and make up 60% of your daily intake. Healthy fats (essential components to increase testosterone production) and should complete the percentage of food.

And there is also the option of supplementation, such as, for example, “whey protein” for those who have difficulty ingesting the amount of protein recommended in the day.

And not least, stay hydrated. There is usually a need to hydrate after every 10 or 20 minutes of effort during training.

In addition to training and diet, which are more visualized, there is another habit that influences a lot: anabolic rest. As the workout is divided into segments and heavy there is a need for the muscles and the whole body to rest. Bodybuilders usually have 2 days of rest. This is essential to avoid injury.

Anabolics in Bodybuilding

Some athletes use ergogenic resources, usually they are anabolic steroids or any other steroid that has anabolic or androgenic properties. These substances are used to optimize your results in order to build a muscular body in a faster way in the case of bodybuilders.

In fact, anabolic steroids are just one of the ergogenic resources that would be chemical or pharmacological resources.

Anabolic steroids are drugs or synthetic substances (made in the laboratory) derived from cholesterol, many with anabolic properties resemble testosterone that has the objective of protein synthesis, but actually seeking the effect of physical performance. Testosterone is the main hormone for gaining muscle mass.

It is known that by the protein synthesis of the anabolic steroid there will be muscle growth. But, this only happens without side effects if you have a good medical prescription and drugs produced by reputable laboratories. Unfortunately, what is still seen is the commercialization, even if it is currently inspected, made by “backyard” laboratories.

When applied in doses 3 to 5 times larger than the body produces the potential for increasing muscle mass is fast and efficient. Thus, an individual grows as fast when he uses anabolic steroids as he loses much of the gains when he stops using.

But it is necessary to understand that when using anabolic steroids, in general, supra-physiological doses are used to obtain desired aesthetic effects and this will enhance not only these aesthetic effects but also the side effects, which varies from person to person.

The most common side effects, in addition to heart problems (which can lead to death) are high blood pressure, acne, hair loss, depression and falling libido, gynecomastia, virilization and masculinization in women. In addition, they overload the liver, which can cause infections or even cancer, greatly increase bad cholesterol levels.

Therefore, the bodybuilder who wants to transform his body and be a bodybuilder must keep in mind whether this training will be competitive or recreational. In both cases, in addition to genetics, freedom of choice dictates whether or not to use anabolic steroids.

Substances banned by Bodybuilders

Most bodybuilding federations are based on the rules of WADA (World Anti Doping Agency), which annually releases a guide to banned substances.

The Federations WNBF (World NaturalBodybuildingFederation) and INBF (International Natural BodybuildingFederation) have banned the following substances that if found bodybuilders using, these will be suspended for seven years: anabolic steroids; growth hormones; pre-hormones, pro-hormones and precursors; ephedrine; amphetamines; muscle implants; stimulants; supplements of suspected or unproven origin.

The role of GH in the body

GH is called a growth hormone. It has a prominent role in bone and soft tissue growth. In addition to muscles, GH can lead to internal growth, chest and abdomen. This is known as visceral development. The worst condition is when there are changes in the features of the extremities such as nose, chin and forehead. other regions of the body can also be affected such as the hands, ears and feet.

GH is listed as an ergogenic substance because it is considered a metabolism modulating agent during exercise. In sports it is considered an elite drug due to its high cost.

This hormone does not have as much influence on muscle gain when used individually. Perhaps the greatest demand for it is due to the fact that it is not fully proven to be a “fat fryer”. Thus, it would be a set, because at the same time that athletes consume large amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats they use GH to not store all these nutrients and keep a low fat percentage.

Now when GH is used in combination with insulin, with some more androgenic anabolic steroid, cortisol blockers and thyroid hormones it seems to have a very high anabolic effect.

When used in low doses, it has promising effects, in addition to those mentioned above, but for people who really need its use beyond the levels produced by the body itself.

The risk is indiscriminate use. That in addition to the problems already mentioned above may present resistance to insulin causing diabetes mellitus. It can also give a rebound effect by decreasing protein synthesis, thereby decreasing muscle anabolism.

So again, sports without the use of drugs is the best option. If it is necessary to use it, it must be with a specialized and suitable medical prescription.

How to avoid palumboism

Palumboism is extreme growth, a dilation of the abdomen. It occurs due to the excessive and prolonged use of steroids, insulin and GH.

The name comes from Dave Palumbo, a former athlete, who when in competition after a few years of his first appearance presented himself with a very large abdomen in the championship. Hence the name palumboismo.

Another anomaly observed in palumboism is the atrophy of the limbs (arms and legs).

Therefore, the best way to avoid palumboism is to keep your distance from steroids, insulin and GH. And if there is a need to use the latter, be it in moderation.


Keep up with specialized professionals throughout the body building process and, if possible, even if you understand everything and can take care of yourself alone, keeping up with a registered physical education professional is essential;

Before starting the practice, make an assessment with each professional involved in the process: doctor, nutritionist and personal trainer. Each one within your sphere of knowledge will assess where you are starting from and what level you want to reach;

Vitamin supplements are not the same as eating fresh vegetables and fruits and do not offer the same health benefits;

A longer preparation strategy is safer because it can avoid extremities with diet, training and drug use;

Study, seek information on how to build a body in a harmonic and healthier way possible. The knowledge about your metabolism and your genetics is what will lead to strategies to have a healed body.

Measuring blood pressure is important, especially in stages where a lot of weight is gained;

Avoid sudden changes in weight. Gaining a lot of weight after competitions does not bring real muscle gains and breakage is bad for your health;

Some steroids damage the liver and lipid profile too much. Restricting or avoiding its use becomes prudent, therefore, once again the need for specialized medical monitoring;

Thermogenic and stimulants should be used for the shortest possible time. They can optimize fat burning, but they are very bad for the heart;

If for any reason you fall ill, stop the competition preparation process, if that is the case. As the body is already weakened in a pre-contest (preparation phase for a competition where the athlete is dedicated to drying the fat) you will be worse.


Many find the bodies of bodybuilders horrible, others crave those bodies. They think that they can only reach that extreme definition only with the use of anabolic steroids, but it goes far beyond that. Some do not even use these anabolic drugs and achieve a defined body just by training, eating and resting properly.

It is necessary to commit, to dedicate and above all to give up many things due to training routines, rigorous diet and rest time.

It is noticed that even if bodybuilding is not a job, it is necessary to live it 24 hours, seven days a week, incorporating all sectors to become a bodybuilder.

Furthermore, being a lover of this sport does not mean getting clogged with anabolic drugs. On the contrary, the legal, or ideal, would be the practice without using these substances. This would be more or less like a miss contest (speaking of women) without plastic surgery.

Therefore, for lovers of bodybuilding and creators of well-built bodies, what matters is regulated and taken life habits seriously. And if they enter the competitive world of bodybuilding they do it in the most natural way and preferably without the use of drugs. Your health in the future thanks you.


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